Snow day

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The undisturbed back garden under snow

I have discovered a downside to working from home. When it snows, you can’t really justify not working because – well, you’re already at the office. It’s not as if you can’t make it down the hall or stairs to wherever your office happens to be. (I’m assuming that roof leakage is not an issue here and you don’t have indoor snow drifts.)

So, it was with a heavy heart that I looked out of the window this morning and saw this beautiful sight in my back garden. Needless to say, and I blame it on the shrieks of the neighbourhood kiddies disturbing my concentration, I didn’t even work through until lunchtime before caving in to the cries of my inner child and going outside to build a snow squirrel with Squizzey. The finished work of snow art lasted all of 15 minutes before the real children of our corner of the world ploughed through it with their sleds. Not sure whether they meant to do that or they just can’t drive (they are valleys kids after all so the latter is likely) but the snow squirrel is now a deceased squirrel and all I can show you for proof of my snow day – besides a crime scene which is starting to melt – is the shed and the back garden lying under the lovely crunchy white stuff.


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