All-Action Jane Austen

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She walks. She talks. She writes. She dances. Meet the Jane Austen Action Figure!

She actually doesn’t do most of those things. In fact, I think she just stands there holding a miniature copy of Pride and Prejudice but she does come with a writing desk that has, wait for it, a removable quill pen! Anyway, who knew before today that there even was a Jane Austen Action Figure? I certainly didn’t. It was a chance remark about her by someone I follow on Twitter that led me to a blog which, in turn, led me to and her item page. And, even though it bears little resemblance to how we imagine Jane Austen looked and, while it is a bit tacky as Jane Austen merchandise goes, I am almost tempted to buy one. Just for fun. She could sit (or stand, if she’s not that flexible) on my Jane Austen bookshelf among copies of her own books, together with the many sequels and prequels, tributes and mash-ups that I find hard to resist buying. Besides, it might be good to have Jane Austen looking down on me as I type away. My very own literary Guardian Angel.

For those of you who are not Austen Aficionados, Accoutrements, the company which makes Jane also does other literary figures, such as Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde, so you could always choose to have your own literary hero in miniature or collect the set of them and hope that their combined literary forces bring you inspiration.

You can buy the Jane Austen Action Figure from here. The other literary action figures are also available from or from Archie McPhee, the retail outlet for Accoutrements.


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