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January 2011

Significant Other Blogfest

Writing By January 21, 2011 Tags: , , 29 Comments

Hello! It’s Squizzey here. I’m Kaff’s muse, pal, nutty special someone, a well cool dude, and head of the squirrel crew behind The Nut Press. I’m taking over the blog today as part of The Significant Other Blogfest. (Check out the link for everyone else taking part – I mean, obviously no one else has a Significant Other as cool…


Evil UnLtd by Simon Forward

Book reviews, Books By January 19, 2011 Tags: , 3 Comments

Every so often, I read a book that catches me completely off-guard and I fall head over heels in love with it. Either it’s a random find discovered while browsing in a bookshop or it’s in a genre I don’t read very often. In 2010, Evil UnLtd: The Root of All Evil by Simon A Forward was that book. Or, more accurately, that ebook.


Does Twitter sell books?

Authors, Books, Reading By January 17, 2011 Tags: , , , , 31 Comments

In 2010, I added to my world of books by building Twitter Towers* and here they are in all their glory. Unsurprisingly, Twitter Towers are made up of the books that I heard about through the social networking site. I know, I know. You don’t have to look at me like that… Even with my prodigious level of book-squirreldom, I was a little taken aback at just how many books I managed to accumulate in one year!


Welcome to my World by Miranda Dickinson

Book reviews, Books By January 12, 2011 Tags: , , , 9 Comments

This is an even better read than Fairytale and I pretty much gobbled it up in one sitting. Welcome to my World tells the story of Harri, a travel agent who hasn’t actually been on holiday anywhere outside the UK yet, which is in stark contrast to her best mate, Alex, who has recently returned home to the Black Country village of Stone Yardley, after extensive travelling.


Please Don’t Stop the Music

Authors, Books By January 1, 2011 Tags: , , 29 Comments

A very Happy New Year to everyone at the Nut Press from me! My name’s Jane Lovering (yes, honestly, that’s my real name, so I couldn’t write any thing but romantic comedy, could I?) and the resident squirrels have very kindly agreed to host me here today so that I can tell you all about my new book Please Don’t Stop the Music.

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