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March 2011

Storm’s Heart Blog Tour

Authors, Books By March 16, 2011 Tags: , , , 27 Comments

Welcome to The Nut Press, Rachel! Thanks very much for stopping by on your blog tour for Storm’s Heart, which the squirrels and I really enjoyed. It’s a fab modern romance with lots of heat and passion, appealing characters and a lush setting.


Guest Post: Author Sue Moorcroft

Authors, Writing By March 11, 2011 Tags: , , , , , , , 7 Comments

All I’ve been thinking about for the past couple of weeks is the rewrites on my work novel, Love & Freedom, which comes out on 1 June 2011. Rewrites, rewrites, rewrites, REWRITES.

Rewrites or editing or polishing or revisions – they come under several titles but they’re an inevitable part of a writer’s life. As soon as your work comes under the scrutiny of a fresh pair of eyes, every scamped piece of research, saggy bit, hole in the plot or break in the continuity might as well be highlighted in neon pink. To the fresh pair of eyes, that is, not to you – or you’d put it right before you sent it in.


The Untied Kingdom Blog Tour

Authors, Books By March 5, 2011 Tags: , , 14 Comments

My dear Lady Kathryn of the Nutstrewn Neighbourhoods and Squirrel Lands, it’s wonderful to be guest blogging here at The Nut Press about my forthcoming release, The Untied Kingdom. Shamefully, I have just realised that the book contains absolutely no squirrels whatsoever, but just in case you think I’m being anti-squirrel, I will add that apart from the occasional horse, there aren’t any other animals either. Well, not unless you count the snakelike villain or the doglike devotion of the hero’s sidekick.

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