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September 2011

Persuade Me by Juliet Archer

Book reviews By September 15, 2011 Tags: , , , 3 Comments

If I tell you that Jane Austen is one of my favourite authors and has been since I was a teenager; that Persuasion is not only my favourite of all her books but one of my all-time favourite books; and that Captain Wentworth is my favourite literary hero, then you’ll probably understand why I might have been slow to flick open…


If I Could Be Anyone, I’d Be…

Authors, Book launch By September 14, 2011 8 Comments

… P!NK! Who wouldn’t want a name with a punctuation mark in it, for starters? I mean, isn’t that every writer’s dream?! P!nk’s someone who I really admire. She always seems to do her own thing without bowing to peer or media pressure which is no mean feat these days; she’s ballsy, bolshie and smart but never takes herself too…


Time for Change

Events By September 13, 2011 8 Comments

Help sometimes comes from the most unexpected of sources, doesn’t it? This summer, I had to put my writing on hold to earn some money. Shocking, I know, but apparently money is still useful, particularly if you want to pay your bills and eat. Rather than just take any old job to get some money together, I still wanted to…

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