Photo credit: Dave Hogan

… P!NK! Who wouldn’t want a name with a punctuation mark in it, for starters? I mean, isn’t that every writer’s dream?!

P!nk’s someone who I really admire. She always seems to do her own thing without bowing to peer or media pressure which is no mean feat these days; she’s ballsy, bolshie and smart but never takes herself too seriously; she appears to live life to the full and has an absolute blast while doing so; she clearly loves what she does and always seems to have so much fun at her concerts while putting on an incredible show for everyone there; plus, the woman is super-fit – I mean, she sings while twirling around upside down on an aerial silk, for pete’s sake! I SO want to do that! (Well, maybe not the singing part.)

Why am I declaring my girl crush on P!NK?

Well, Talli Roland, one of my favourite writer pals, launches her second novel, Watching Willow Watts, today. It’s a fun, fast-paced read that hurtles along as Willow’s life careens out of control after footage of her doing a Marilyn Monroe impersonation at the village fete is uploaded to the Internet. Willow becomes an overnight YouTube sensation and is propelled into notoriety, which may or may not be the answer to all her problems.

To celebrate the launch, Talli’s having an If I Could Be Anyone, I’d Be… blogsplash. She’s asked everyone taking part to blog or tweet who else they would like to be, if they had the choice. It can be someone you admire, envy or even just fancy being for the day. To check out Talli’s own choice, as well as everyone else’s, click on the link above or follow the #watchingwillowwatts hashtag on Twitter.

Watching Willow Watts is available now for Kindle. You can download it from both or Amazon UK and you don’t need a Kindle to be able to read it. It’s out in paperback on November 30th.