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Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty

Days after seeing it, I am still thinking about Matthew Bourne’s magical interpretation of Sleeping Beauty. It wasn’t love at first sight but once the fairies made their entrance and started to bestow their gifts, I fell for it in all its gothic loveliness. From that moment on, I was transfixed and entranced, drawn into the enchanted forest and dazzled by the deft dancers in their gorgeous costumes. Here was storytelling at its very best and if I had the chance, I would happily go and see it all over again.

You can read a review by lovely author and blogging pal, Chris Stovell, on her blog and here are more details about the production together with the remaining tour dates: New Adventures



Looks wonderful. You make me sorry I’ve missed it.

The Way I Found Her is a great read, – a perfect combination of suspense and comedy, of romance and foreign adventure. And who could ever forget the Exploding Peanut Theory of Beauty or the Concorde notebook!


PS and I love the Blabameter tool, or at least it like me. I fed it chunks of Boraya but it reported ‘no or only marginal’ blab! So that has cheered me up!

Talli Roland

I’m so jealous you got to see this! I’ve seen Swan Lake by Bourne and it was amazing.

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