Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty

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Sleeping BeautyDays after seeing it, I am still thinking about Matthew Bourne’s magical interpretation of Sleeping Beauty. It wasn’t love at first sight but once the fairies made their entrance and started to bestow their gifts, I fell for it in all its gothic loveliness. From that moment on, I was transfixed and entranced, drawn into the enchanted forest and dazzled by the deft dancers in their gorgeous costumes. Here was storytelling at its very best and if I had the chance, I would happily go and see it all over again.

You can read a review by lovely author and blogging pal, Chris Stovell, on her blog and here are more details about the production together with the remaining tour dates: New Adventures



  1. Fennie says:

    Looks wonderful. You make me sorry I’ve missed it.

    The Way I Found Her is a great read, – a perfect combination of suspense and comedy, of romance and foreign adventure. And who could ever forget the Exploding Peanut Theory of Beauty or the Concorde notebook!

  2. Fennie says:

    PS and I love the Blabameter tool, or at least it like me. I fed it chunks of Boraya but it reported ‘no or only marginal’ blab! So that has cheered me up!

  3. Talli Roland says:

    I’m so jealous you got to see this! I’ve seen Swan Lake by Bourne and it was amazing.

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