This poem first appeared in Issue #18 of Roundyhouse magazine.


I’ve been watching you,
since you sat down.
Hope you don’t mind.
Hope I don’t stare.
You’re not as weird
as you think you are.
I’m just jotting down
some of your quirks.
I’m not in love
and I’m not a stalker.
I just need you
for a story I’m writing.
I think it could work.
We could be friends –
Stay a while longer,
till my scribbling ends.

Think me strange
and I’ll laugh at you.
It’s just people-watching.
Aren’t you doing it too?
Describing people
to those they’ve not met.
Cars at the neighbours,
twitching your net.
Whispering, gossiping
over mugs of coffee.
Bitching at home
about colleagues at work.
Could your’s be the fix
of reality tv?
Time to come out
of the closet.
Don’t be ashamed –
it’s not a crime – yet.

Think yourself above it,
if it makes you happy.
But it’s only human nature.
And what if –
Big Brother’s watching us,
don’t you think –
we should be clocking him too?


  1. liz says:

    Kath – i really like especially the subtle humour 🙂


    1. kath says:

      Thanks Liz! I appreciate you taking the time to read it and comment. x

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