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Kate Johnson

Run Rabbit Run

Book reviews By June 18, 2012 Tags: , , , 6 Comments

I must admit to having a bit of an aversion to pink. With the notable exception of the singer, P!NK, I try and avoid the colour, especially when it liberally covers a book. But I was only too happy to overcome this irrational dislike if it meant I could read another Kate Johnson novel.  I read and thoroughly enjoyed Kate’s…


Choc Lit Easter Bunny Blog Tour

Authors, Books By March 12, 2012 Tags: , , , , 13 Comments

Sophie’s in trouble. Must be Tuesday.  Sophie Green’s an ex-spy, or trying to be. You wouldn’t believe the trouble she’s in. An MI5 officer has been shot with her gun, her fingerprints all over his office. And no, she didn’t kill him. But she has gone on the run. Now Sophie’s desperately seeking whoever’s trying to frame and kill her….


The Untied Kingdom Blog Tour

Authors, Books By March 5, 2011 Tags: , , 14 Comments

My dear Lady Kathryn of the Nutstrewn Neighbourhoods and Squirrel Lands, it’s wonderful to be guest blogging here at The Nut Press about my forthcoming release, The Untied Kingdom. Shamefully, I have just realised that the book contains absolutely no squirrels whatsoever, but just in case you think I’m being anti-squirrel, I will add that apart from the occasional horse, there aren’t any other animals either. Well, not unless you count the snakelike villain or the doglike devotion of the hero’s sidekick.

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