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Book review: Under A Cornish Sky by Liz Fenwick

Book reviews By May 7, 2015 Tags: , , 4 Comments

There are three things I look forward to at this time of year: the way blossom drifts like snow in kerbsides, that the Hay Festival is on later this month and that a new Liz Fenwick novel will be out. In fact, it is out. Today. Under a Cornish Sky is Liz’s fourth novel and I was fortunate enough to snag…


Book review: The Cornish House by Liz Fenwick

Book reviews By July 25, 2013 Tags: , , 3 Comments

When my family moved back to the UK from Germany, shortly before my baby brother was born, my Welsh father and Scottish mother couldn’t agree where to live, so they looked to England as a compromise solution. And (for any English people reading this) a very fine compromise it was, too! Dad had always loved Cornwall and would have loved to have…

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