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Meet Evil UnLtd’s Dexter Snide

Authors, Books By April 18, 2012 Tags: , , 3 Comments

Everyone loves a villain and today on the Nut Press I’m delighted to welcome Dexter Snide, the deliciously evil mastermind behind Evil UnLtd, whose first two adventures have been chronicled by Simon A Forward and are available in paperback and ebook formats. Welcome to the Nut Press, Mr Snide, or may I call you Dexter? For those poor unfortunates who…


Evil UnLtd by Simon Forward

Book reviews, Books By January 19, 2011 Tags: , 3 Comments

Every so often, I read a book that catches me completely off-guard and I fall head over heels in love with it. Either it’s a random find discovered while browsing in a bookshop or it’s in a genre I don’t read very often. In 2010, Evil UnLtd: The Root of All Evil by Simon A Forward was that book. Or, more accurately, that ebook.

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