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Even more Wasted

Authors, Books By May 23, 2010 Tags: , 1 Comment

Wasted is the latest YA novel by author Nicola Morgan, who has around 90 books published. Nicola is on a a Blog Tour during May to promote Wasted and today she’s here at The Nut Press and was generous enough to answer some questions about the book and her writing process.


Wasted by Nicola Morgan

Book reviews By May 22, 2010 Tags: , 1 Comment

Chance. Luck. Fate. Destiny. Choices. Reactions. Timing. Much like Jack’s coin, my head is still spinning days after reading Nicola Morgan’s excellent Wasted. But this is a good thing. The book throws up a lot of questions and ideas and it’s made me look at some of these with fresh perspective.

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