Hello! I’m Kathryn Eastman and the NUT Press is my virtual hangout.

About Me

I was born in Germany to a Welsh father and a Scottish mother. I’ve lived in England, Germany, Greece and the United States and am currently based in South Wales. I’m a lawyer and I write, read, follow rugby, take photos and watch the (grey) squirrels in my garden. I also take trips away (when I can) to see red squirrels.

About this site

Why the NUT Press? Well, there’s my whole fascination with squirrels but it’s because if I ever started up a small press, that’s what it would be called.

You can read some short stories and published work on this site. I’m also a book blogger: I review books, host author interviews and take part in blog tours. And I post about events I’ve been to and places I’ve visited, usually accompanied by my squirrel sidekick, Squizzey. (He used to blog at SquizzBlog but is mostly to be found on InstagramTwitter or Facebook these days when he’s not in his hammock.)

Review Policy

April 2021 Update

I’m currently behind on posting reviews and am trying to get back up to date. 

When I started the Nut Press, I simply reviewed books that I’d enjoyed and I still try and choose books for review that interest me.

In addition to this blog, I review books for the Amazon Vine programme, on Bookbridgr, as an active member of Goodreads, on NetGalley and as a member of the Lovereading UK Reader Review Panel.

I am currently enrolled in the Amazon Associates affiliate scheme and earn a small percentage on sales if you click through from the Amazon UK link at the bottom of each post and buy the book I review. Although I provide links to other places to buy, I am not a member of any other affiliate schemes and do not get paid for including them on this site.

Where I’ve been sent a copy of the book I review, either direct from the publisher or via a review site, I acknowledge this.

I don’t receive nor would I accept any payment for reviews from either the publisher or author or anyone connected with them. And while I know some of the authors whose books I review – on social media and/or in real life – I will only post a review that I’m happy to stand by.

If you’d like me to consider your book, get in touch through the Contact form below.


You can read a sample of the articles, poems and short stories I’ve had published in journals, magazines and newspapers here. I’m currently editing my second novel while I try to find the first a good home.

If you have any comments or questions, fill in the Contact form below and I’ll get back to you when I can.

Thanks for stopping by.