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Author Q&A and Book Review: All Grown Up by Jami Attenberg #AllGrownUp #BlogTour

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I’m excited to welcome New York Times best-selling author Jami Attenberg today as part of the blog tour for her latest novel, All Grown Up. Here’s who and what it’s all about: Andrea is a single, childless 39-year-old woman who tries to navigate family, sexuality, friendships and a career she never wanted, but battles with thoughts and desires that few…


Book Review: The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley by Hannah Tinti #SamuelHawley

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Hannah Tinti’s The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley reminds me of adventure books I read as a child, but is the modern-day, grown-up version of them. It’s exactly the kind of book I search for on bookshop shelves. Which probably explains why I loved it. After years spent living on the run, Samuel Hawley moves with his teenage daughter Loo…


Book Review: A Life Between Us by Louise Walters #ALifeBetweenUs

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If, as I did, you really enjoyed Mrs Sinclair’s Suitcase, you’ll be happy to know that Louise Walters’ second book is out now. (And if you’ve yet to discover her, I’ll happily add to your TBR.) Here’s what the so very aptly-titled A Life Between Us is about: Tina’s sister Meg died in a childhood accident, but for almost forty years Tina…


Book Review: Summary Justice by John Fairfax #SummaryJustice #BlogTour

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The lawyer in me was attracted to the title and striking cover of Summary Justice, which led me to expect this to be about a legal battle against all the odds, even though unfamiliar with the author’s name. (Which as it turns out is a pen name.) Once I read the following blurb, I knew I had to read it. The…


Book Review: The Method by Shannon Kirk #TheMethod #BlogTour

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If you’re looking for a strong central character and are tired of female characters being portrayed as helpless, always waiting on a man to save or rescue them rather than doing the job themselves, then Shannon Kirk’s The Method might be the book for you. You’re sixteen, you’re pregnant and you’ve been kidnapped. If you’re anyone else you give in,…


Book Review: Cursed by Thomas Enger #Cursed #BlogTour

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Cursed is the fourth book in Thomas Enger’s Henning Juul series but my first introduction to both the author and his investigative journalist protagonist and it works well as a stand-alone. What secret would you kill to protect? When Hedda Hellberg fails to return from a retreat in Italy, where she has been grieving for her recently dead father, her…


Book Review: The Long Drop by Denise Mina

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Denise Mina’s The Long Drop is a stunning standalone novel which uses as its inspiration the case of one of Scotland’s worst serial killers. I was lucky enough to read the first chapter almost a year ago. Happily, I not only managed to resist googling the real-life people and crimes but didn’t have to wait until today’s publication date to satisfy…


Book Review: The Beautiful and Forever by Kevin MacNeil

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I discovered Kevin MacNeil’s The Beautiful & Forever on a particularly successful bookshop browse. The title and cover drew me in and the Scottish island setting and the blurb on the back cover ensured that it came home with me. On an island like no other, the annual Brilliant & Forever festival is a much anticipated event; its participants a story away…


Book Review: A Line Made by Walking by Sara Baume

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An artist’s retreat with a difference in Sara Baume’s A Line Made By Walking becomes a beautiful meditation on our own fragility and how art and nature can both anchor and heal us. Struggling to cope with urban life – and with life in general – Frankie, a twenty-something artist, retreats to the rural bungalow on ‘turbine hill’ that has…


Book Review: Ragdoll by Daniel Cole #RagdollBook #BlogTour

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Daniel Cole’s debut novel, Ragdoll, intrigued me because it had not one but multiple victims, and I thought I’d enjoy seeing what the connections between them all were, that is, beyond the stitching that loosely connects the initial six. Here’s what the blurb says: A body is discovered with the dismembered parts of six victims stitched together, nicknamed by the press…

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