Hello! It’s Squizzey here. I’m Kaff’s muse, pal, nutty special someone, a well cool dude, and head of the squirrel crew behind The Nut Press. I’m taking over the blog today as part of The Significant Other Blogfest. (Check out the link for everyone else taking part – I mean, obviously no one else has a Significant Other as cool and hip as me, but they’re probably all quite lovely and might have something interesting to say.) Happily, it’s also Squirrel Appreciation Day, so it’s only right and proper that it should all be about ME today!

Kaff has another Significant Other but he was too busy (read: scared) to take over Kaff’s blog and, anyway, he’s nowhere near as Significant as me. (You know it’s true, mate.)

So… I guess you all want to know what it’s like living with Kaff the writer, or Kaff the Faff, as I affectionately like to call her. Honestly, if she spent less time on Twitter, she’d have written many more books than the 1Β½ she’s actually done to date. In fact, if you reckon 12 words to every tweet and count up all her tweets…

Anyway, generally life isn’t too bad with Kaff, you know. I do okay. I have a deluxe hammock on her desk, where I spend most of my time being her muse. Kaff calls this napping and snoring loudly, but she doesn’t really understand what it is that I do. I’m hoping she’ll get this one day soon, especially as she’s writing a book about me.

She’s very squirrel-friendly when it comes to snacking – which she does a lot! – so I rarely go short of nuts or chocolate. I mean, don’t get me wrong, a squirrel can never have too many of those, but I get by. And, in the evening, we often get a glass of yummy amaretto, as a reward for a hard day’s tweeting… erm, I mean, writing! Yes, writing.

Every so often, Kaff takes me interesting places where I meet her much more glamorous writer pals and they’re lovely to me. They adore me just the right amount without calling me cute or anything icky like that. Last year, I got to meet lots of new writer pals, like Caroline Smailes, D J Kirkby, Talli Roland, Miranda Dickinson, Tamsyn Murray and Rebecca Emin. I had to giggle but when we were at Miranda Dickinson’s launch for Welcome to my World in November, someone came up to Kaff and asked her if she was the Squirrel Lady? I nearly fell into my cupcake, I was laughing so hard!

She’s going to have to get used to that, though. Especially as I’m hoping to have at least an ebook out this year. The Adventures of Squizzey. Part One in my decalogy. It’s going to be fab. Lots of nuttiness and the adventures of a super, sexy hero – ME! I just hope Kaff finishes it in time because, quite honestly, I don’t think she’s taking my book that seriously. She keeps referring to it as something fun or a side project when I think we all know that it’s the main event that everyone’s waiting to read.Β She completely abandoned it and me during NaNoWriMo to write something else. Can you believe it?! I still haven’t forgiven her for making a NaNo Squidow of me last November. That was no fun, at all. I was kicking my paws, really lonely and hungry a lot of time, because she was so caught up in her ‘new’ book. Booooooooooring. It’ll never sell. So, do me a favour? If you see her or speak to her or (more likely) tweet her… Tell her to PLEASE FINISH MY BOOK!! Thank you.

Luv ‘n’ nuts,

Squizzey xxx

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